Saturday, November 10, 2012

This could be fun...

This is my very first post ever! The idea for this particular blog simply came from my wanting to enter a card making contest (my favourite type of paper craft and a chance to win something for doing it - I'm in!). In order to enter the contest, I have to create a card based on a sketch and post a link to the photo of my finished product. A blog seemed like the best way to do this. I am now a "blogger in training", although I am a little worried that I won't have new content very often (I can barely keep up with Facebook), I am having just as much fun learning about "blogging" as I do making cards.

Having done a little more research, I can see that a blog could be a very useful way to share ideas, learn some new things, keep track of my projects and meet other habitual paper crafters.

 Some of the challenges I have run into so far as a newbie blogger include template and background limitations, so BIG thank-you to The Cutest Blog On The Block for creating awesome, free backgrounds and super simple tutorials.

 The other big challenge I had was finding a name - there are lots of fantabulous blog names out there (making it that much harder to come up with something new). Knowing I wanted a title/name with the word "paper" in it and totally void of any new ideas, I went out for a walk. I passed a Doctor's office (Physician), a music store (Musician) and finally a salon (Beautician)...PAPERTICIAN. Seems like a cute play on words to me. Now to find the time to actually finish the card for that contest...

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